Happy birthday Killers & Kings! You are officially five years old today!!

After a long a tumultuous year and a half, K&K is finally back on track.  The street wear game is not easy by any stretch, throw in the fact that life through me a couple curveballs at the end of 2018 and well... I needed to regroup, rethink, and focus on my priorities.  

Family, and Machine Head.

After not really being sure of where I wanted to go, at the beginning of the year I found inspiration and my first K&K drop in over 16 months. A few months later I found inspiration in horror artist Gus Fink who we are just dropping a NEW collab right now.  I really love this new line of stuff we have.  I am proud to say I still LOVE wearing Killers & Kings. The vibe, the quality of the garments, it really is unmatched in streetwear, the fit, the cut, the prints... look, if it makes me stoked, I KNOW it will make you stoked, and being able to stand behind it means the world to me, cause I know that means you can stand behind it too.

Believe it or not back in Dec. 2018, I had decided to close K&K, and only focus on Love Death, but that turned out to be a mistake, K&K still drove the majority of the customers, so now... I closed the stand-alone Love Death website lovedeathco.com, and will bring it back as a limited edition "capsule" in Fall, under Killers & Kings

Speaking of our new drop we have 7 new designs happening right now, plus we just dropped these SICK mask / neck gaiters.  A fully sublimated bandana style mask that is great for the gym, beards, and look cool as fuck!! Masks are pretty much mandatory here at home, so rocking these is a pleasure, and it kinda freaks people out too, which is a plus right!?

We are in talks to expand into different shipping territories, but before we could, I had to make sure we had an audience after a lengthy break, and that folks would still be interested in supporting us, so hopefully by years end, we will have a EU distro to cut down on shipping.  Either way, these garments are direct from our U.S. space, so the quality control and customer services is on point.

I'll wrap it up with this, whether your new to K&K or go all the way back to the beginning (5 years and over 30 designs ago), from the bottom of my blackened heart, thank you for believing in Killers & Kings.  

- Robb